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Our Thrift Store was founded on a principle that


ALL people have PURPOSE

ALL people have WORTH

"I was graduating from school with no prospects for a job and the thrift store gave me one"

Michael Spaulding

Processing Associate / Media

"job coaching these amazing people provides immense joy and satisfaction."

Karen Rowland

Job Coach / Clothing Dept.

“a place filled with great people, a place of understanding... Hugs from my coworkers are the best”

Samuel Pascale

Processing Associate / Back Dock

Would You Consider Giving to Our Thrift Store?

As a 501(c)3 organization, your donation goes a long way to ensure our future growth. Every donation received goes to hiring more adults with Special Needs, training them to have meaningful work in a retail environment. Our employees have gone on to work in other retail markets, major hospital systems, and other corporations in the Greater Nashville area.

Let's work to decrease the over 70% unemployment rate among the Special Needs Community in Tennessee. 

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Michael Spaulding


My name is Michael Spaulding and I am mentally and physically impaired.  I started working at the thrift store when it opened as one of the first employees.  I was graduating from school with no prospects for a job and the thrift store gave me  one.  I was so happy because they tell you in school when you graduate you can get a job, but there were no jobs for me.   We need to do everything we can to help this wonderful thrift store stay in business.



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