The Thrift Store is an outstanding success under the charter and mission of the GEAR Foundation. This organization always follows the meaning of its name G (Gainful) E (Employment) A (and) R (Respect). This is especially important and applicable to young adults, like Christina, with development issues. Under the excellent leadership and talented management of Dave and Sandy Krikac , all Thrift Store employees are employed gainfully. Along with the financial benefit, Christina also learned some of the basic elements of retail operations and customer service.

The Thrift Store is known for its variety of items for sale at bargain prices. It also provides an efficient and convenient drop-off dock service where friendly employees help donors unload items. The donors receive forms  listing items donated that can be claimed as deductions on tax filings. We have benefitted several times from this service. The Thrift Store also has a truck for pickup of larger size items and big quantities of donated items.

Christina loves the encouraging atmosphere, teamwork and comraderie with caring coworkers. After each workday, Christina comes home beaming with pride about her accomplishments. She says, “Mom-Dad I worked so hard today and got so much done.” As parents, we are very pleased with Christina’s positive attitude toward her work and her excellent  self respect . It is evident these same results are experienced by her fellow coworkers.

The GEAR Foundation and Thrift Store have earned our admiration and respect.

by Herman and Friederike Statum