We are so thankful for Our Thrift Store, Dave and Sandy for providing Carlye with a “real job” that requires her to be productive, stay focused and help the company succeed – a “real job”.  Carlye knows that her job is important and that her role contributes to the overall success of Our Thrift Store.

The Benders are thankful for the compassion shown by staff members toward Carlye’s needs and for their constant encouragement of her skills and talents.

We are thankful for Carlye’s consistent work schedule that allows her to plan her week and her life outside of work.  Our Thrift Store understands that a consistent work schedule enables families like ours to plan for outside activities and enjoy a full and “good” life.  

Our Thrift Store treats each employee like “family”. Carlye feels this love and support from Dave and Sandy and each team member as well as their high expectations for her to do her very best.

by Allison Bender, MA