When our family made the decision to move to Franklin TN from the suburbs of Detroit 11 years ago we had great expectations mingled with a bit of apprehension. It wasn’t so much our careers that were of concern as the Lord had provided mightily in this regard, but our uncertainty was, as I suppose would be the case with most parents, how would our children transition? Our son was in elementary school and we were confident that he would quickly adapt and so was the case. But we also have two daughters, both of whom have special needs, and they were both at that age where they were moving from educational settings to employment. This can be challenging. Daunting. Overwhelming. 

11 years ago the employment opportunities for adults with special needs were few. Fortunately for us, the Founders of Our Thrift Store, Dave & Sandy Krikac, had experienced the same to be true for their own daughter, Sarah, and decided to do something about it. They opened Our Thrift Store and in so doing opened their hearts as well to the then underserved community of families with adult children desiring to contribute and participate in that aspect of society which, when done right, gives us a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

We cannot tell you how grateful we are and what an important role this business has played,  not only in the social development of our daughter, but also how the environment of the workplace promotes the importance of relationships and genuine care and concern for everyone that comes through their doors. 

Our Thrift Store is an indispensable member of the Franklin community and we could not be more excited to see the bright future that lies before them.

by Tim & Denise Thompson