"Hi, I'm Phil Joel and I live here in Franklin... Williamson County and in Williamson County like everywhere else in the nation, we have a number of wonderful young men and women with special needs who need jobs. And we are blessed though in Franklin to have Our Thrift Store, a store set up by Dave and Sandy Krikac which employs many of these wonderful young men and women. So the bottom line is this: your stuff and my stuff, we take our stuff, we take it down to them. This stuff our gently used stuff we don't need anymore,  that maybe someone else can use, clothing, furniture, household stuff and we take it to them, they sift through it, they figure it out, they price it, they put it on the floor and they resell it, and they have jobs. This is a good deal! It's a win-win for everybody I just want to encourage you to do that to take your stuff the stuff you don't need anymore and recycle it so that so that you're STUFF can turn into JOBS"