Our Thrift Store is not only a vital part of Franklin and surrounding areas, it has been incredibly important to our family.  

Our Thrift Store provided Daniel and Catie with their first jobs.  It has been everything that you would want for your kids in their first jobs, with the main reason being that they learned responsibility in a Christian environment. I never had to worry about what they were witnessing because we knew they were working for and with upstanding people.  Since then, Catie has moved on to other opportunities, however Daniel is still working in the warehouse and loves it. He is so excited to go to work and would be there every day if possible.

All items that we clean out from the house go to Our Thrift Store – usually we have a small stack every week.  This gives us the opportunity to give to a good cause while keeping us accountable for running our household without excess.  When we moved last year, Our Thrift Store accepted so many things that we didn’t need to move. We are so thankful.

Before purchasing retail, we always shop Our Thrift Store first.  Instead of disposable dishes for taking food to families, it is less expensive and less waste to purchase nice dishes from Our Thrift Store – better presentation and no worries if it not returned.  When we entertain at home, we look to Our Thrift Store for our decorations, dishes, etc. Just recently we were able to find everything we needed for a brunch we hosted – all for under $50. If there is anything we are not going to keep, we give it back to Our Thrift Store for them to resell.  Catie purchases 90% of her wardrobe from Our Thrift Store and video blogs all her finds on Instagram. She loves the thrill of the find. With so many wonderful, quality items, Our Thrift Store makes it difficult to ever pay retail prices.   

Many thanks to Our Thrift Store, Sandy and Dave Krikac, for being so kind and generous to us.  It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of the family and we are praying for many more fun years to come.  

Cathy, Thomas, Daniel and Catie